Navigate uncertainty and adapt to change

The way we work is radically shifting, but SAFe prepares you to respond. We’re here to help you identify the most important work and do it well. Find the tools you need to adapt, collaborate, prioritize, and re-plan.

Our teams are working daily to grow our library of helpful resources around remote course delivery and facilitating PI Planning and other SAFe events with distributed team members. And our Customer Success Team is constantly updating our FAQ page with the latest information.

Remote SAFe Training

Why invest in training now? Because training your teams makes them three times more likely to meet their objectives. For every dollar spent on training, companies gain $30 in increased productivity. (Source: IBM)

Together with our Partners, we are now offering remote delivery and certification for all SAFe courses. Each course has been adapted for success in a dispersed environment, and remote courses are earning NPS scores equal to in-person training.

Distributed PI Planning

If you can’t be in the same place at the same time, it’s time to learn how to run successful remote and distributed events. We’ve got practical guidance and tips for planning, managing, communicating, and facilitating SAFe ceremonies—from PI Planning to stand-ups—across teams and timezones.

Watch how Travelport managed the challenges of PI Planning for teams across India, the United Kingdom, and the US.

SAFe Summits

We’re excited to announce that the European SAFe Summit happening 10 to 11 June, 2020, will be an interactive, virtual event! Get more details here.