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Inclusive, Pragmatic, Humanized, Live and Virtual Agile Business Solutions 

AgileDad has been recognized worldwide for its Inclusive, Pragmatic, Humanized, Psychology based approach used to help organizations achieve true business agility. What the book advises is no longer enough to help Agile teams and leaders get the proven tools they need to establish and scale their business in what many are calling the new normal.

As more organizations embrace a remote workforce or bridge a return to the office, and strive to learn new and improved ways to collaborate and get work done, it is critical that teams and leaders get the right training, certification, coaching, and leadership guidance to help them be successful. We are AgileDad and we provide these solutions!

The Top 10 Reasons to select AgileDad: 

  1. Our Philosophy: Inclusive, Pragmatic, Humanized, Live and Virtual Agile Business Solutions
  2. Our Trainers and Coaches: With well over 100 years of combined experience, you know you are getting someone who has walked a mile in your shoes with real life experience in the trenches building amazing products and services. 
  3. Our Coaching Approach: Buckets of hours - Pay for what you use - Never expire 
  4. Our Certifications: Scaled Agile Silver Partner, Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider, PMI Authorized Training Partner , and ICAgile means we have more to offer!
  5. Our Private Offerings: Over 25 offerings available! Special for your company - Non-certification Excellence - Leadership Summits
  6. Our Materials: Bar none, AgileDad Course materials and workshop exercises bring you out of the books and into a truly interactive work environment where you get to challenge yourself and your classmates to dig deeper to find meaningful working solutions to real world issues. 
  7. Our Presence: In addition to keynote presentations at MANY large Agile Conferences, we are leaders in uplifting the greater Agile Community Some initiatives include Co-Founder of Utah Agile, Founder of Florida Agile, Premier sponsorship for Agile Arizona, Agile Alberta, and we support multiple Agile Causes and Chapters.
  8. Our Transformation Experience: AgileDad is the ONLY fully Agile organization in the world to have trained and or coached at 44 of the Fortune 100 Companies! We can service any size organization big or small
  9. Our Free Offerings: The Agile Comic Book Series, Whether it is technical debt, the Agile 12 step program, 9 ways to help your teams be more productive, using Scrum fundamentals, The FORCE to solidify teams and organizations or Team John - How to handle in-sprint interruptions, or The Definitive Agile Meetings Playbook, The Executive Agility Playbook, we have a free guide for you. The Daily Standup Podcast with OVER 500 episodes every Monday - Friday, etc. 
  10. Our Community: AgileDad has active alumni groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where students from all over the world collaborate on solving some of the world’s greatest problems using Agile. 

We are AgileDad and we provide these solutions!

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