2022 SUMMIT launch

Business agility needs everyone.

New features that support everyone in the transformation.

Digital disruption is a reality. So is the solution.

People in New Roles

Onboard people in new roles within your organization.

Build your confidence, credibility, and skills as a SAFe trainer with the Ready to Train online learning series, available to all certified SPCs

If it’s your first time working with SAFe, get up to speed with the SAFe Jumpstart online learning series, available to Scaled Agile Partners and SAFe Enterprise members

SAFe Enterprise administrators can use e-learning dashboards to track learner progress

Learn and Practice SAFe® in Your Language

Empower global team members to participate in the transformation.

Take a SAFe course in your native language. View catalog of available languages by course.

Get certified with an enhanced, enterprise-grade exam platform that includes functionality for additional languages and low vision.

Expand Beyond IT

Engage more of the business.

Hear from other transformation leaders who’ve successfully introduced SAFe to new functional areas in our business agility experience reports

Teach marketing teams how to use Lean, Agile, and SAFe practices using the Agile Marketing with SAFe® workshop, available with SAFe Enterprise or through a Scaled Agile Partner

Equip your leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to support their Agile teams and manage change effectively with the Leading in the Digital Age program, available with SAFe Enterprise

Measure and Improve Business Agility

Equip everyone with the tools to improve your organization.

Give all of your employees the ability to evaluate your organization’s progress with simplified assessments for Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Product Delivery, and Lean-Agile Leadership

Enable people at every level of the organization to see their work’s impact on achieving business outcomes with new OKR guidance

Advance your value streams with flow; learn how by reading the Accelerating Flow with SAFe® and Make Value Flow without Interruptions articles

If you’d like to get access to the SAFe Community Platform, become a member.

Want to share this access with other members of your organization?