SAFe in Industries

SAFe in Industries

Apply SAFe in your own organization—no matter the industry, sector, or specialization

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) serves enterprise businesses across a range of industries: from financial services, telecommunications, and aerospace to education, automotive, and healthcare. Scaled Agile customers apply SAFe in a variety of industries to drive speed, productivity, and innovation, as well as customer and employee satisfaction. 

scaled agile automotive


Design innovative customer experiences, align hardware and software, and adapt to market changes.

scaled agile financial services

Financial Services

Reduce risk, manage complexity, improve time-to-market, and align technology and business strategy.

scaled agile healthcare


Digitize the enterprise, improve patient outcomes, and build solutions with quality, security, and privacy.

SAFe in technology


Speed time-to-market, build competitive products, and engage employees with high-performing teams.

SAFe in telecommunications


Improve network delivery, increase customer satisfaction, improve speed, and outperform the competition.

agile in government

Agile in U.S. Government

Reduce time-to-mission, modernize acquisition and delivery, and be efficient with taxpayer funds.

The products we’re developing are bigger than one Agile team. For the teams to interact and plan together, we really needed SAFe as the foundation. It brings the practices and methodologies to coordinate multiple teams working on the same product at the same time.”

—Mike Eason, CIO, Commercial Banking