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SAFe® for Automotive

Build for agility, stability, and sustainability

Cut time-to-market, increase productivity, and improve quality 

Radical change is happening in the automotive industry. In-vehicle connectivity, autonomous driving, and the switch from gasoline to electric are changing consumer expectations and putting software at the heart of the vehicle. Automotive leaders need a faster, more cohesive, and efficient way to build and deliver products. 

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) for automotive companies helps them move from traditional “v-model” hardware manufacturing to a more agile way of working. SAFe is the most popular scaling framework for agile practitioners because it’s a trusted, proven system for responding to change, harnessing innovation, and achieving business goals.(1)

Agility has always been important for Porsche AG: our commitment to innovation is stronger than ever. The ability to adapt and change, along with the ability to pioneer, has been a driving force behind our continued growth and success. Therefore, we decided to use the Scaled Agile, Inc. framework.”

Safe for automotive

Automotive customer success stories

Learn how automotive companies are using and implementing SAFe to improve innovation, speed, responsiveness, and customer centricity. 

Safe for automotive

Since switching to SAFe, Audi has released new app features and website functionality and partnered with European dealers to launch a retail e-commerce platform.

Safe for automotive

By adopting Agile engineering principles while building its electric Hummer vehicle, GM was able to cut its time-to-market in half.

Safe for automotive

“…successful and long-lived companies are usually the ones that learn to be agile and stable at the same time.”


Share of new vehicles sold that analysts predict will be electric by the year 2040(2)


Rate of productivity improvements for automotive companies that excel in software development(3)

6 years

Size of Tesla’s advantage over traditional auto manufacturers, based on the power and complexity of its drive computer(4)

Why leaders choose SAFe for automotive

Accelerate time-to-market

Increase alignment to make faster decisions, build agility into your supply chain, and deliver at the pace of software.

Build customer-centric products

Harness Lean-agile principles to improve quality, respond faster to consumer demands, and deliver more value.

Attract top talent

Empower teams with autonomy, mastery, and purpose to cultivate a learning culture and increase employee engagement.

Work more efficiently

Improve flow, manage dependencies, automate processes, organize across functional groups, and reduce change costs.

Respond to threats and opportunities

Manage competitive disruptions and capitalize on new technologies with a more flexible way of working.

Innovate at the speed of software

Plan, design, build, and ship products at the speed customers expect from software-driven innovation.

Why automotive leaders choose SAFe to achieve
business agility

The urgency to change is now acute. This whitepaper makes the case for why the world’s leading automotive companies choose SAFe to transform legacy processes, stay competitive, and achieve business agility.

Why Automotive Leaders Choose
SAFe® To Achieve Business Agility White Paper

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