Benefits of SAFe®

How the Scaled Agile Framework® Benefits Organizations

More than 1,000,000 individuals in 20,000 companies around the world have acknowledged the benefits of scaling agile with SAFe. Aggregated customer case studies have shown the following typical results:

Faster Time-to-market

One of the benefits of scaling agile with SAFe is improved time-to-market. By aligning cross-functional teams of agile teams around value, leading enterprises can meet customer needs faster. Leveraging the power of Scaled Agile Framework helps them make quicker decisions, communicate more effectively, streamline operations, and stay focused on the customer.

Improvements in Quality

Built-in quality is one of the core SAFe values: it highlights the importance of integrating quality into every step of the development cycle. In this way, scaling agile with SAFe benefits organizations by shifting quality from a last-minute focus to the responsibility of everyone.

Increase in Productivity

SAFe provides measurable improvements in productivity by empowering high-performing teams and teams of teams to eliminate unnecessary work, identify and remove delays, continuously improve, and ensure they are building the right things.

Better Employee Engagement

Better ways of working yield happier, more engaged employees. One benefit of scaling agile with the Scaled Agile Framework is helping knowledge workers achieve autonomy, mastery, and purpose, which are the key factors in unlocking intrinsic motivation. Organizations practicing SAFe have the tools to minimize burnout and increase employee satisfaction.

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SAFe, the most trusted system for learning and practicing agile ways of working, helps enterprises thrive in a world of change by linking evolving strategy to execution.

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As a framework for scaling agile, SAFe gives large, complex organizations a proven system and structured guidance for thriving in a world of change.

We needed a way to integrate our teams, harness their agility, and align them to enterprise objectives and guardrails…SAFe is the key to delivering value across the enterprise.”
—Konstantin Popov, Program Manager