Resources to Support SAFe Transformations

Check out these videos, podcasts, blog posts, and other resources to support SAFe transformations.

  • SAFe® Tactical Tuesday Podcast cover artwork

    How can you help an existing Agile Release Train (ART) be successful and ensure that any new ARTs you launch can do the same? Heidi Hatch, Agile coach and iSPCT candidate shares her tips. Hint: leadership plays a big part. Like what you hear? Connect with Heidi on LinkedIn. Explore SAFe courses here. Hosted by: […]

  • “I got to teach a group of high school kids some Agile basics. The kids went through a couple of iterations to design a classroom. Then they had to give feedback. And it was funny how some of them were afraid to say anything. So I told them, don’t hold back, this is Agile, you […]

  • SAFe® Tactical Tuesday Podcast cover artwork

    From the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) to Agile teams, collaboration is key to success. In this episode, Eshan Chawla, SPCT candidate, explains where else you can find that theme in SAFe and why it’s critical to solving complex problems. Like what you hear? Connect with Eshan on LinkedIn. Explore SAFe courses here. Hosted by: […]

  • SAFe® Tactical Tuesday Podcast cover artwork

    RTEs are very busy people, particularly when it comes to keeping tabs on commitments, such as PI objectives, features, and the work that teams committed to during PI Planning. Good news! SPCT candidate and former RTE Diego Groiso with Cprime has two amazing tips to help RTEs like you track all the stuff to work […]

  • If you’re considering SAFe® certification, this guide is for you. We go in-depth on the most frequently asked questions about SAFe certification, including what it is, why it’s valuable for professionals and teams, and how to earn one.   In this post, you’ll find answers to SAFe certification questions like the following:   What Is SAFe® Certification? […]

  • How Japan’s Advantest Corporation empowered teams to achieve business agility For global enterprises, finding a common language isn’t just about speaking. It’s a path forward to business agility.  Advantest Corporation recently discovered this firsthand. Advantest provides test systems for semiconductor and electronic component industries. It is a business that has endured for over 50 years, […]

  • How do you adapt your organization’s culture so it’s more responsive to customer needs and can compete with emerging alternatives without disrupting what’s working or adding unnecessary layers of complexity—all while undergoing a major paradigm-shifting merger? This was the challenge facing Latin America’s largest stock exchange, B3 S/A Brasil Bolsa Balcao (B3), back in 2019. […]