Resources to Support SAFe Transformations

Check out these videos, podcasts, blog posts, and other resources to support SAFe transformations.

  • How do you evolve a value stream into a profit stream? That’s exactly what Adam discusses in today’s episode with Luke Hohmann, CEO of Applied Frameworks, who recently wrote a book on the topic. The two explore the concept of flow-based economics, the importance of pricing and licensing software, understanding the value of a product, […]

  • On today’s episode, we’re offering a behind-the-scenes look at the SPCT program. Adam sits down with three professionals who recently completed SPCT Immersion Week to discuss the entire journey — from nomination to interviews, traveling to Boulder, and beyond. Learn what it takes to earn that coveted invitation and how to take new skills and […]

  • On today’s episode, Adam sits down (face-to-face!) with three Scaled Agile Framework team members—Rebecca Davis, Andrew Sales, and Dean Leffingwell—to discuss all things SAFe 6.0 and what excites them most about this release (hint: it might have something to do with flow). They acknowledge that change is hard and it’s easy to want to resist. […]

  • Today’s episode about flow with Adam and SPCT and SAFe® Fellow Yuval Yeret covers a lot of ground. The two discuss topics, including why now is the time to introduce flow properties and accelerate flow at multiple organizational levels before launching Agile Release Trains. How flow metrics don’t just benefit organizations at an advanced level […]