Resources to Support SAFe Transformations

Check out these videos, podcasts, blog posts, and other resources to support SAFe transformations.

  • What’s the difference between the portfolio vision and the portfolio canvas? One is the why and one is the how. Find out which one is which in today’s episode. Hosted by: Adam Mattis Adam Mattis is a SAFe® Fellow and SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) at Scaled Agile with many years of experience overseeing SAFe implementations across […]

  • We’re living in a digital age where pretty much everyone is a technologist in some way. In fact, Tom Boswell never thought he’d find himself working in tech while he was studying art at university. In this episode, Adam sits down with Tom to talk about his journey from artist to Agile coach, lessons he’s […]

  • A key way to understand what your customers really want is to get unbiased answers to your questions, which is sometimes easier said than done. In this episode, learn about an important tool to help you get that information so you can make smart, customer-centric decisions. Hosted by: Adam Mattis Adam Mattis is a SAFe® […]

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    Improving your health is important so you can live a longer life. The same goes for your Agile transformation. Certain habits improve your transformation’s health. Like eating healthy and working out do for our bodies. I’ve seen these habits improve and sustain Agile transformations in many organizations: Change leaders pave the way Strategy connects directly […]

  • We started this series on SAFe® team metrics with the simple acknowledgment that contextualizing SAFe metrics for a non-technical Agile team can be difficult. To continue learning how other teams adapt SAFe metrics to their specific context, I sat down with Amber Lillestolen, the Scrum Master of the Corporate Communications (Comms) team at Scaled Agile, […]

  • As we approach 2023, you’re probably mulling over your next PI Planning event. Will it be in person? Will it be remote? Will it be something in between? How will that look? Before 2020, most organizations held PI Planning events in person, but COVID-19 forced an abrupt shift to remote/virtual events. However, in recent months […]

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    SAFe® provides the strategic concepts and guidance that help steer transformations. And while the Framework metrics article focuses on high-level metrics like KPIs, OKRs, and strategic themes, some teams can struggle to contextualize SAFe metrics and measurement domains like flow, outcomes, and competency. This is especially true for non-technical teams. Even when metrics are captured, […]