Resources to Support SAFe Transformations

Check out these videos, podcasts, blog posts, and other resources to support SAFe transformations.

  • When making decisions in product development, how do you decide whether to take them or delegate them? And what does delegating mean in context? In this episode, Stefan Becker, SPCT candidate and Agile coach with KEGON AG, shares his approach and a unique tool to help you move the needle from centralized decision-making to fully […]

  • “What are the right ways that we can change that organizational wiring so that people can actually do work easily and well? That’s really the goal and if you can make that happen, that is the key to high performance.” In this episode, Adam talks to Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and The […]

  • A key reason to organize around value is to get products to customers faster than your competitors. But the principle is also valuable when it comes to culture. In this episode, Amogh Joshi with Advance Agility, a Scaled Agile Gold Partner, shares a scenario that resonates with both benefits. Like what you hear? Connect with […]

  • What is one of the most important things an organization should do before launching an Agile Release Train? In this episode, Michael Krug, Agile coach and SPCT candidate, explains why assessments are invaluable to determine whether an organization is on the right track with its SAFe implementation. Like what you hear? Connect with Michael on […]

  • If you’re considering SAFe® certification, this guide is for you. We go in-depth on the most frequently asked questions about SAFe certification, including what it is, why it’s valuable for professionals and teams, and how to earn one.   In this post, you’ll find answers to SAFe certification questions like the following:   What Is SAFe® Certification? […]

  • How Japan’s Advantest Corporation empowered teams to achieve business agility For global enterprises, finding a common language isn’t just about speaking. It’s a path forward to business agility.  Advantest Corporation recently discovered this firsthand. Advantest provides test systems for semiconductor and electronic component industries. It is a business that has endured for over 50 years, […]

  • How do you adapt your organization’s culture so it’s more responsive to customer needs and can compete with emerging alternatives without disrupting what’s working or adding unnecessary layers of complexity—all while undergoing a major paradigm-shifting merger? This was the challenge facing Latin America’s largest stock exchange, B3 S/A Brasil Bolsa Balcao (B3), back in 2019. […]