Business Agility Takes Off at Southwest Airlines

How the world’s largest low-cost carrier leverages SAFe as a business operating model to live up to its mantra of “Better, Faster, More Efficient”

Southwest Airlines is famous for its employee-first culture and “Fun-LUVing” Attitude. And when it comes to meeting the urgent demands of technology development in a highly-complex logistical environment, a thriving culture is just the start to meeting the challenge.

To live up to Southwest’s purpose of connecting People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, low-cost air travel, Southwest began its Agile transformation in 2018 in Operations. The fantastic results led to SAFe adoption throughout Southwest.

Now four years (and counting) into their Agile transformation, more than 2,000 Southwest Employees collaborate cross-functionally across the organization. View this rare keynote interview to learn how the world’s largest low-cost air carrier is breaking ground in the airline industry by leveraging SAFe to deliver business value to its customers.

Presented at the 2022 SAFe Summit by: 

  • Katie Morris, Director IT Transformation, Southwest Airlines
  • Marty Garza, Vice President, Air Operations Technology, Southwest Airlines
  • Moderator: Michael Clarkin, Chief Marketing Officer, Scaled Agile, Inc.