The Scaled Agile
Partner Network

Members of the Scaled Agile Partner Network leverage their instructional expertise and practical experience to help organizations scale Agile through the proven Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Scaled Agile Partners are uniquely qualified to advise and support large enterprises and government agencies through every phase of a Lean-Agile transformation.

Our Partners are committed to driving customer success by providing:

  • Training and coaching for all SAFe roles
  • Implementation and consulting services across industries and disciplines
  • Technology platforms for SAFe automation, visibility, and flow

Enterprise-level Agile represents one of the fastest-growing opportunities for strategic consulting, training, tooling, and implementation to companies worldwide. Scaled Agile’s platforms, processes, and support systems provide the most efficient, cost-effective, and profitable way for organizations to grow an enterprise agility business.

The proven value delivered by Scaled Agile Framework® helps enterprises achieve real results and enables Scaled Agile Partners to successfully develop new opportunities that grow top-line revenue. Partners see gains to their bottom line as well, through discounts and the potential to build a portfolio of referenceable customers, both of which enhance the return on an investment (ROI) in partnering with Scaled Agile.

Thinking about becoming a Scaled Agile Partner?

There are three types of partners—Transformation Partners, Global Transformation Partners, and Platform Partners. Each brings a different perspective and plays a different role in supporting enterprises looking to adopt SAFe.

Transformation Partners

Transformation Partners are dedicated to achieving successful customer outcomes by providing customers training, coaching, and consulting services. Scaled Agile provides flexible pairing models to give partners the support they need, anywhere along the SAFe Implementation Roadmap.

Global Transformation Partners

Global Transformation Partners (GTPs) excel at helping large, globally distributed enterprises solve their unique challenges and achieve optimal business outcomes. Committed to lifelong learning and training, GTPs have more than 100 SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) and a minimum of 1,000 internal SAFe practitioners. With local and global expertise and locations, GTPs offer a multicultural perspective and lead consistent, effective SAFe transformations.

Platform Partners

Platform Partners integrate the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) into their platform or application to help users visualize, manage, and execute Lean-Agile work. These SAFe-based platforms support enterprise-wide collaboration, quality management, and business intelligence. SAFe Platform Partners gain early access to the latest developments in the Scaled Agile Framework, which provides essential input for platform and tool development.

Become Our Partner

The Scaled Agile Partner Network is made up of organizations ranging from boutique consulting firms to large global enterprises with hundreds of SAFe practitioners. What they share is a passion for collaboration, continuous improvement, and customer success.

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Philips is continuously driving to develop high-quality software in a predictable, fast and Agile way. SAFe addresses this primary goal, as well as offering these further benefits: reduced time to market and improved quality, stronger alignment across geographically distributed multi-disciplinary teams, and collaboration across teams to deliver meaningful value to customers with reduced cycle time.