What Is SAFe®?

The world’s leading framework for business agility

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a system for implementing Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices at scale. The Scaled Agile Framework is the most popular framework for leading enterprises because it works: it’s trusted, customizable, and sustainable.

If you want to build operational excellence, collaboration, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction into your organizational DNA, where do you start? SAFe provides a proven playbook for transformation.

Benefits of SAFe

SAFe can help you advance how you work, so you can improve employee engagement, time-to-market, team productivity, and the quality of your products and solutions.

SAFe Principles

SAFe is based on 10 foundational principles. Following these principles helps you align the right people, deliver high-quality solutions customers want, and respond to threats and opportunities.

SAFe and Agile

Shift your mindset and culture. Empower people by training them in a new way of working. Change how you create and deliver value to customers. And thrive in the digital age with business agility.

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Gartner Report: 10 Essential Practices for Success in Implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

New research synthesizes the advice of experienced SAFe Fellows, SPCTs, SPCs, RTEs, and Lean portfolio managers across hundreds of implementations

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The Scaled Agile Framework

The world’s leading framework for business agility

Learn about the SAFe “Big Picture,” an interactive graphic that represents the principles, best practices, competencies, values, and mindsets behind the Framework. The Framework knowledge base is free to explore online.

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SAFe Success Stories

The results speak for themselves

More than 20,000 organizations across a range of industries worldwide are using SAFe and more than one million people worldwide have been trained in SAFe. Learn more about the business outcomes they’ve seen.

Typical results reported by SAFe Enterprises.


Faster Time-To-Market


Defect Reduction


Increase in Productivity


Happier, More Engaged Employees

Philips is continuously driving to develop high-quality software in a predictable, fast and Agile way. SAFe addresses this primary goal, as well as offering these further benefits: reduced time to market and improved quality, stronger alignment across geographically distributed multi-disciplinary teams, and collaboration across teams to deliver meaningful value to customers with reduced cycle time.