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SAFe® Enterprise provides the tools you need to make the SAFe work for you, day-to-day

Transform your organization with the knowledge, resources, and practices essential for scaling Agile

With globalization, fast-moving markets, disruption, the unprecedented pace of technology innovation, Organizations know that they need to transform now to survive. But their existing business models, archaic hierarchy, and technology infrastructure simply can’t keep up with how quickly the company needs to adapt. With SAFe it will be easy to adapt to the required changes.

SAFe Collaborate

Collaborate better, no matter where you are

Work together across teams and time zones with SAFe Collaborate, a cloud-based visual workspace designed to help you plan, organize, and brainstorm in real-time.

SAFe Enterprise

Measure, grow, and improve

Use our agility assessment tools to baseline progress on your agile transformation and broader business objectives; then get recommendations for growth and improvement.

SAFe Virtual Classroom

Make remote work a competitive advantage

With SAFe Virtual Classrooms and the SAFe Remote Trainer Badge, you can build a world-class organization with employees around the globe.

SAFe Enterprise

Scale adoption with self-paced, online e-learning

Get your business teams up-to-speed faster with engaging, effective e-learning that’s available on-demand, wherever employees work.

SAFe Enterprise

Practice makes perfect

Successfully adopt SAFe’s proven ways of working. Our tools and resources are customized by roles and key events to support daily practices.

SAFe values

Train teams to lead the change

Train your teams, change agents, and leaders in the SAFe values and practices that drive successful organizations. Support their day-to-day practices so the changes stick.

Harness the power of an agile business

Transformation Leaders

Lead your organization to a better way of working. SAFe Enterprise provides the tools you need to plan, prepare, and execute a successful Lean-Agile transformation. 

SAFe For Executives

Executives choose SAFe to generate more customer value, modernize their workforce, increase employee engagement, and lower the risks of managing change.

Portfolio Managers

SAFe helps you achieve your strategic objectives with less waste, increased transparency, better predictability, and more flexibility for inevitable change.

SAFe Enterprise
SAFe Enterprise
SAFe Enterprise

The tools you need to adopt, learn, and practice SAFe on the road to enterprise business agility

What’s included in the SAFe Enterprise subscription

  • Measure and Grow agility assessment tools
  • Unlimited use of instructor-led courseware *
  • Annual renewal of SAFe certifications **
  • Virtual Classrooms for teaching courses
  • On-demand Agile and SAFe basics e-learning
  • Remote facilitation and training toolkits
  • SAFe Collaborate online visual workspace
  • ART & team events resources
  • Discussion forums
  • Early access to the latest business agility courses, including SAFe® for Hardware and Marketing
  • Tier 1 priority support with live chat
  • Administrative tools

* Excludes Implementing SAFe courses
** Excludes SPC certifications

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Philips is continuously driving to develop high-quality software in a predictable, fast and Agile way. SAFe addresses this primary goal, as well as offering these further benefits: reduced time to market and improved quality, stronger alignment across geographically distributed multi-disciplinary teams, and collaboration across teams to deliver meaningful value to customers with reduced cycle time.