SAFe for Telecommunications

A proven approach to agility at scale

Speed for delivery, delight customers, and outperform the competition

Telecommunications companies know all about change. From 5G and IoT to WFA and M&A, it’s hard to imagine a sector where business agility is more critical to survival and success. Failure to anticipate, exploit, and adapt to these trends is not an option.

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) helps telecommunications companies move from traditional product management and development approaches to a more Agile way of working. SAFe is the most popular scaling framework among Agile practitioners because it’s a trusted, proven system for responding to change, harnessing innovation, and achieving business goals. 

Telecom Customer Success Stories

Learn how telecommunications companies are using SAFe to deliver customer value faster, with greater predictability and responsiveness.

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SAFe for Telecommunications

Finnish telecom provider tackles complexity; delivers 39 percent more for 34 percent less

SAFe for Telecommunications

The company cut time-to-market for a new TV platform from 36 to 18 months with SAFe

SAFe for Telecommunications

Australia’s leading telecom provider decreases product defects by 95 percent, drops delivery cycle times from 12 to 3 months

SAFe for Telecommunications
SAFe for Telecommunications
SAFe for Telecommunications
SAFe for Telecommunications
SAFe for Telecommunications


increase in average Net Promoter Score® for “asset-light” carriers (those substituting computer processing power for people)


portion of networking execs who believe advanced wireless will transform their organization within three years 


share of capital expenditures Swisscom spends on testing after implementing Agile at scale (down from 40 percent) 

Why Telecommunications Leaders Choose SAFe

Get to market faster

Improve alignment to make faster decisions, build agility into your global workforce, and deliver at the pace of software.

Build customer-centric products

Improve quality, respond to evolving customer expectations, and deliver products users love.

Attract top talent

Empower teams with autonomy, mastery, and purpose to cultivate a learning culture and increase employee engagement.

Work more efficiently

Improve flow, manage dependencies, avoid silos, and automate processes to reduce the costs of change.

Respond to threats and opportunities

Manage competitive disruptions and capitalize on emerging opportunities with a more flexible way of working.

What our customers say about SAFe

“If you look at it from an executive point of view, SAFe seemed like a 1-to-1 match for us. Someone had already come up with a model to address our needs, which brought better requirements management, prioritization, governance, and a common language for the entire organization.”

Risto Reinikainen, Head of Lean Agile Center of Excellence, Telia Finland

Why telcos need SAFe

“But the changes coming over the next decade are different than those in past eras. Most of the impending changes are software-based and require scale that telcos lack in some parts of their businesses. They will happen in a time frame that will feel almost overnight to a traditional telco.”

Bain & Company“”

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