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SAFe® for Financial Services

Compete and thrive in a digital-first market with a system for navigating change

Reduce risk, manage complexity, and respond at the speed of business

Financial services leaders are under enormous pressure to lead in a world of increasing uncertainty and accelerating change. Why do they choose the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)? Gartner found SAFe to be the #1 choice among leading enterprises because it’s a trusted and proven framework for a better way of working. SAFe helps financial services companies improve speed, productivity, quality, and employee engagement.

Financial Services Customer Success Stories

Learn how the Scaled Agile Framework powers financial services companies in banking, investing, credit cards, insurance, wealth management, mortgage brokerage, fintech, and more.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) powers financial services

Standard Bank cut time-to-market from 700 days to 30, increased deployments from once or twice a year to monthly, raised productivity by 50 percent, and decreased costs by 77 percent

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) powers financial services

Capital One increased employee engagement by nearly 20 percent and has more than 700 teams practicing continuous delivery


Percent of financial services executives that expect to see new challenges to their business strategy, technology innovation, and corporate change(1)


Average rate by which agile organizations outperform their competitors on time-to-market, market share, talent retention, and customer loyalty(2)


Amount saved by Northwestern Mutual when it used SAFe to implement a new CRM system, 18 months ahead of schedule(3)

Why Financial Services Leaders Choose SAFe

Work more efficiently

Improve the flow of work, automate processes, and speed up decision-making. 

Collaborate across silos

Build cross-functional teams that cooperate and communicate around customer value.

Attract and keep great talent

Empower knowledge workers and create a culture of quality and purpose.

Improve portfolio ROI

Adapt to market changes, plan incrementally, and allocate resources based on relevant data.

Manage risk

Increase transparency and accountability in highly regulated, high-compliance environments.

Improve the customer experience

Respond faster and use customer feedback to fuel innovation and improvement.

Plan for and respond confidently to change

“There’s no question the average CFO coming out of the pandemic is saying, ’I need to be more agile, more flexible…At the end of the day, if you’re changing your business model, you’re changing your plan.”

Transform how you work for the digital age

“One thing is absolutely clear…every bank is going to need to transform itself. The digital revolution is changing banking on just about every dimension that you can imagine.”

Choose a framework that’s proven and trusted

“Organizations choosing an enterprise agile framework like SAFe will be able to rely on a more holistic and end-to-end toolkit to assist them in adopting enterprise agility.”

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