SAFe® for Healthcare

Improve efficiency, ensure quality, and respond faster to consumer and patient needs

Meet the growing challenges in the healthcare industry

Competitive customer demands. Complex regulatory requirements. Innovation balanced with governance. And the need to respond faster to the accelerating pace of change. What’s the solution to these growing healthcare industry challenges?

Agility with the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

McKinsey finds that the more agile a healthcare company is, the stronger its financial results, operational performance, and patient satisfaction scores(1). That’s why healthcare organizations choose SAFe: it’s the #1 scaling framework among leading enterprises. according to Gartner. Customer case studies show that SAFe yields double-digit improvements to productivity, quality, time-to-market, and employee engagement.(2)

SAFe for healthcare customer success stories

Learn how payors, providers, and innovators in healthcare industry are using SAFe to improve their organizational health

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services drove a 55 percent decrease in help desk tickets, cut its maintenance budget in half, and increased employee satisfaction by 27 percent

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Fitbit increased velocity by 33 percent, launched a record number of products, and surpassed its business goals after implementing SAFe

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Healthcare executives who say they need to be more agile (yet only 30 percent say they’re familiar with it) (3)


Share of companies that expect the digitization of their core businesses to be essential to profitability (4)


Average rate by which agile organizations outperform their competitors on time-to-market, market share, talent retention, and customer loyalty and experience (5)

Why leaders choose SAFe for healthcare

The Scaled Agile Framework helps healthcare organizations build a bridge from traditional operations to a more agile way of working.

Empower patients

Respond faster and use customer feedback to fuel innovation and improvements. 

Innovate to compete

Align digital initiatives with business strategy; harness agile teams to deliver solutions faster.

Manage risk

Increase transparency and accountability without compromising quality or compliance.

Work more efficiently

Improve the flow of work, automate processes, and speed up decision-making. 

Work across silos

Build cross-functional teams that collaborate and communicate for customer and patient value.

Scale agility

Bring the agility of software and IT teams to the rest of your organization.

Transform the way you work

“If you look at it from an executive point of view, the benefits of Agile are not ‘getting a gold star’, or ‘doing SAFe right.’ They want agility, they want results. We know that you get there by doing SAFe well, with discipline.”
—Cheryl Crupi, Assistant VP, MetLife

Innovate faster than the competition

“Cross-functional teams are one of the cornerstones of agile, and in the healthcare industry, working in this way helps to develop innovative pricing and reimbursement models.”

Choose a trusted provider

“We needed a system and guidance to adapt and benefit from the changes and we were clear that the waterfall methodology that we had previously relied on wouldn’t support this change.”
—Gary Dawson, NHS

Create better patient and business outcomes

“Our analysis found that the more agile healthcare companies demonstrate better organi­zational health and stronger performance, as reflected in higher patient satisfaction scores, better outcomes, and healthier financial results.”

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