SAFe Customers in the News

Learn about SAFe customers from outside sources

When businesses get great results practicing SAFe, customers like to share their success. Here you can go beyond our SAFe customer stories and browse the news for stories that highlight the many ways SAFe is utilized across the globe.

Aerospace and Defense

Airbus (Luc Henneken, CIO), Data integration, Digital Acceleration
BAE Systems, DevOps, AWS, Cloud Migration
Boeing, Strategy, Alignment
Elbit Systems, Hardware, System Engineering
Lockheed Martin, Culture, DevOps, Security
MTU Aero Engines (Lutz Seidenfaden, CIO), Cloud, Big Data, SAP, Microsoft Azure
NASA, Cloud Migration, Climate Monitoring
Raytheon Technologies, Continuous Learning
Raytheon, Space Force, Modernization, GPS
Space Force, Cybersecurity, Cyber Operations


Audi, Digital Sales, Customer Experience
GM, Electric Hummer, Agile in Automotive
LG / Renault, In-vehicle Infotainment
Mercedes, e-vehicles, Culture, Training, Designing Space for Agile
Mercedes, Agility in non-technical teams, Customer centricity, Product centricity
Porsche, Digital Product Organization, Unifying Methods
Porsche, Digital Transformation Journey
Porsche, Lean Portfolio Management
Porsche, Business learning from Agile
Volkswagen Group (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iris Gräßler), Systems Engineering, Complex Systems, V-Model
Volvo, Evolution of SAFe at Volvo

Banking, Finance, & Insurance

Aegon Asset Management, Digital Transformation, Test Automation, Data Integrity
Capital One, Transformation Journey, DevOps
Deutsche Bank, Rollout, Challenges, Learning
Ingosstrakh, Rollout, Challenges, Learning
Letshego, Profits, Growth
Liberty Mutual (John Heveran, CIO), DevOps, Cloud
NextGear Capital, Business Alignment, Customer Experience
NICE, Quality, Speed Cycle Times
SEB Group, Training
Skandia, Rollout, Benefits
SimCorp, Waterfall to SAFe, Portfolio Roadmap
Société Générale, Rollout
TransUnion, Earnings Call: improvements in software dev, consistency, speed, reliability, security
USAA, Design Thinking
VSK Insurance House, Accelerate Strategic Objectives

Broadcasting and Media

Allente, Accelerate System Deployments
Constant Contact, Rollout, Engineering Organization
TV Globo, In-depth Rollout, Scaling, Results
Yle, Portfolio Management,

Consumer Electronics

FitBit, SAFe Rollout
Konica Minolta, SAFe Rollout, Distributed Teams
Lutron, JIRA, Integrating Hardware / Software, Rollout
Sony, PlayStation Team’s Experiments with SAFe
Technicolor Connected Home, Android TV

Consumer Products

Frito Lay, AI, Process Automation, Customer Solution

Delivery Services

Deutsche Bahn, Digital Transformation
FedEx (Agile Academy), Training at Scale
PostNL, Strategy to Operations


Monash University, Rapid Application Development
TIAA, DevOps, Microservices, Cost Savings
University of Phoenix, COVID Response
University of South Florida, LMS migration, MVP
University of South Florida, COVID Pivot, Gartner Award


Chevron, Azure DevOps, Cloud Migration
Ørsted, Digital Transformation, SAFe Rollout
Petrobas, Faster Delivery, Executive Engagement

Government — US

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Customer Experience, Data Strategy
Defense Security Service (DoD) / Perspecta, Security Clearance Logjam, Data-driven Model
US Department of Agriculture, Quality, DevSecOps
Department of Defense (DoD), Cyber Factory, System Integrator
Department of Veteran Affairs, Benefits Platform, DevOps
Department of Veteran Affairs, Education Benefits, Modernization
Department of Veterans Affairs, Modernizing Legacy Systems, Cloud, AI
Department of Veterans Affairs, Supply Chain Management
Department of Veterans Affairs, Training, Culture
Federal Aviation Administration (ESC), Rollout
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Acquisition

Implementing Scaled Agile Framework in Highly Regulated Environments: Balancing Compliance and Agility, AI-driven compliance
National Science Foundation, Digital Transformation, Microservice-based Architecture
Naval Information Warfare Center, Cyber Security, Portfolio Management
US Office of Personnel Management, Cloud, FinOps
US Air Force – DCGS, Cost Savings, Open Architecture
US Air Force, Happier Employees, Built-In Quality, Alignment
US Immigration Services, Auditable Agile
US Military C4ISR Systems, Cybersecurity

Government — Non-US

Australian Taxation Office, Agile Reboot, Cost Reduction, Quality Improvements
Logius – Netherlands Ministry of the Interior, Cloud Migration, DigiD
Ministry of the Interior (France), Traffic Management
Ministry of Armed Forces (France), Cybersecurity, Defense Intranet
NSW Government, Staying agile with SAFe
ProRail, Complex Systems, Model-based testing, Cost Savings, Time-to-Market
Swiss Post, SaaS, Billing, Digital Transformation
UK Ministry of Defense, Digital Transformation, Cloud

Healthcare & Pharma

Maryland Health & Human Services, Cloud, AWS
Optos, PI Planning, Distributed Teams
Pfizer, Digital Transformation, Security


PetSmart (Mike Goodwin, CIO), Project to Product, Customer Experience
Migros Group, Digital Transformation, Data-driven, Cloud

Software and Technology

a1qa, Large-Scale Agile Transformation
Atotech, Digital Transformation Early Results
Censhare, Rollout, Sustainable Change
Dimension Data, HR Platform, Onboarding
Deutsche Telekom, Training, Career Development
Fadata, Designing Office Space for Agile
Huawei, Agile Quality Management
IBM, Design Thinking
IBM Client Innovation Center, Services
Home Connect, DevOps, LPM, Budgeting
HotelHub, Rollout, Mindfulness Workshops
LogRhythm, TDD, CI/CD
MAS Global, Software Development Services
McAfee, In-depth Rollout, Challenges, Results
Mercuryworks, In-depth Rollout
Micro Focus, Enterprise DevOps, Automation, Tools, Architecture
Microlise, Basis for Choosing SAFe
Qualitest (Yoav Ziv, COO), Syncing Hybrid Workers
Parsons, Cloud, AI, Business/IT Alignment
Retrium, Distributed Teams, Equal Playing Field
Rosetta Stone, Portfolio Kanban, Value Streams, Architecture Roadmap, TDD
ServiceNow, Agile Marketing
Siemens, Integrated System Modeling
Siemens, Xcelerator Share, Automation
SimCorp, Agile Transformation
Square Kilometre Array (SKA), Basis for Choosing SAFe
Square Kilometre Array (SKA), Scaling, Distributed Teams
Totemic Technology Ltd., Rollout, SaaS
Xsolla, Game Dev, Rollout


AT&T (Chris Anderson, VP of Technology), Partners/Suppliers network, Cloud migration
AT&T (Pam Parisian, CIO), Gaining Speed, Cutting Technical Debt, Microservices Architecture
PCCW, Telecommunications, Digital Transformation
Proximus, Product Development Process, Android TV
SETAR, TV Platform
Sunrise Communications, Red Hat, Microservices Architecture, Cloud
Swisscom, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Business Align with Engineering
Telefonika Germany, Lean Startup
Vodafone, Focus on Business Value
Vodafone, End-to-end delivery organization, Fintech
Vodafone, Digital Transformation, DevOps, CI/CD

Travel and Hospitality

Air France, Alignment, Culture
Amadeus (Christophe Bousquet, Sr. VP), Adapting to Disruption
Swiss Federal Railways, App Dev, Organization
Travelport, DevOps, LPM, Budgeting

Philips is continuously driving to develop high-quality software in a predictable, fast and Agile way. SAFe addresses this primary goal, as well as offering these further benefits: reduced time to market and improved quality, stronger alignment across geographically distributed multi-disciplinary teams, and collaboration across teams to deliver meaningful value to customers with reduced cycle time.