Becoming the Catalyst: Change Management that Drives Transformation to the Next Level

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Becoming the Catalyst: Change Management that Drives Transformation to the Next Level

Hosted by: Apptio

Join us at the interactive fireside chat with Phil Alfano (Apptio), Francisco Loras (Wi-Tronix), and Joe Vergara (Agile Rising) and learn how you can become the catalyst in your organization.


September 15, 2022, 11:00 am – September 15, 2022, 12:00 pm




LACE Leader, Transformational Leader, Agile Leaders, Agile Coach

Event Overview

Leading organizations in the digital age are expanding agile operating models from a team to a corporate level. And agile leaders play a critical role in the transformation. They understand the company’s vision – the north star – and the chasm between the current state and the vision. In essence, agile leaders must be the catalyst to drive change management within the organization. Agile leaders need to recruit champions that can translate the value of agile to the company’s vision to their colleagues and, most importantly, business leaders.

This session will cover:

  • How to design a structure for the organization to expand agile to the enterprise level
  • Getting the right stakeholders in to align on the company’s vision – from strategy to execution
  • Finding the right champions that will become the backbone of the transformation


Phil Alfano

Field CTO (Apptio)

As Field CTO, I act as the bridge between Apptio’s solution factory and our field organizations. Reporting to the Chief Revenue Officer, I liaise between Product Marketing, Product Management, Presales, and Customer Success to ensure that what we demonstrate matches what Apptio delivers. My professional purview includes partner business development, competitive surveillance, and go-to-market messaging.

Francisco Loras

RTE & Agile Coach (Wi-Tronix, LLC)

Add a short Technology enthusiast studied Industrial Engineering in Spain and obtained a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Chicago. Started working for Wi-Tronix LLC as a hardware intern and grew into a Release Train Engineer role as part of a Digital Transformation at Wi-Tronix.-3 sentence bio here.

Joe Vergara

Sr. Agile Transformation Consultant, SPCT Candidate (Agile Rising)

Joe Vergara is a Sr. Agile Transformation Consultant and SPCT Candidate with more than ten years of experience helping organizations improve their operations and achieve their strategic objectives using Lean and Agile approaches. Having served as a consultant and coach to multiple Department of Defense (DoD) and Fortune 500 organizations, as well as several small public and private companies, Joe brings a wealth of experience and expertise across various industries. Joe has helped multiple organizations across various industries realize their objectives by empowering people, evolving processes, and enhancing technology solutions. As part of this, Joe commits to the personal and professional growth of others by meeting individuals where they are and helping to generate opportunities for learning and growth.