Lean-Agile Transformation with SAFe®

FedEx is a global courier, logistics, and business services company that revolutionized the way people work. Founded in the early 1970s, it grew from shipping hundreds of packages per business day to more than 15 million packages every day. FedEx was innovative in offering barcode technology to track packages internally, and with the launch of its website in the early 1990s, became the first company to offer package status tracking externally for customers.

Today, the company maintains one of the largest air operations in the world, as well as a ground fleet of more than 215,000 vehicles to serve a customer base that spans 220 countries and territories. 

Innovation and digital transformation have been at the core of the business, so it’s no surprise that when FedEx needed to develop data-driven solutions and increase business agility across operating companies, they turned to SAFe. The enterprise follows strategic operating principles to compete collectively, operate collaboratively, and innovate digitally. 

Quick Facts:

  • $93+ billion revenue reported in 2022, up from $84 billion in 2021 and $69+ billion in 2020 
  • 530,000+ team members worldwide
  • Customers spanning 220 countries and territories
  • Fleet of 710 aircraft serving more than 340 airports worldwide
  • Maintains a ground fleet of 215,000+ motorized vehicles 
  • Delivers approximately 15 million shipments daily

Key Outcomes:

  • Streamlined more than 50 governing bodies with thousands of initiatives to 10 lean portfolios
  • SAFe journey started in 2013 with a few Agile teams in a couple of focus areas. By 2020, they had more than 300 ARTs across the enterprise
  • Developed SAFe portfolios within operating companies and established enterprise-level SAFe across all the operating companies with an Enterprise Business Agility Office
  • FedEx Corporation grew by $50 billion over 20 years, and then in two years during the pandemic grew another $25 billion, or another 50%
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction: “I knew the organization’s changing because when the people that do the work, the most valuable people in our enterprise, the people that do the work, love this and are passionate about it, the rest will take care of itself.” —Ken Spangler, Executive Vice President IT and CIO Global Operation Technologies, FedEx

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