Lean-Agile Transformation with SAFe®

Based in Brazil, Petrobras is one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas companies, engaging in the exploration, capture, production, refining, and transport of energy products. Their operations span everything from reserves and wells to subsea engineering, production logistics, refining, commercialization, and related services.

Petrobras is best known as a leader in deep water and ultra-deep water exploration. The company has made it a priority to operate at low cost with a low carbon footprint and a commitment to sustainable development.

Quick Facts:

  • 45,000+ employees
  • Launched its first ART in 2021
  • Two years after bringing in SAFe, Petrobras has grown to 23 ARTs and 250+ teams, encompassing 2,700 people across a US$1 billion portfolio of applications.

Key Outcomes:

  • In 2022, Petrobras said it gained US$300 million in “economic value added” through digital implementations and cost savings, and they project to have $700 million in economic value-add in 2023.
  • Digital transformations in refinery operations allowed Petrobras to increase carbon capture, reduce emissions, and improve workers’s safety.
  • Petrobras’s transformation was the largest-scale Agile transformation in Brazil during its first year.

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