Scaled Agile, Inc.

Professional Certification Program Policy

A SAFe® certification is a valued credential which requires investment in time and money to achieve and maintain. This Professional Certification Program Policy (“Policy”) protects both the exam-taker (“Candidate”) and the integrity, validity, and security of SAFe certification credentials.

Scaled Agile, Inc. (“SAI”) is committed to ensuring SAFe exams are fair and results are reliable. Toward these goals SAI has established rules to minimize any unfair advantage that may be gained by a Candidate’s misconduct related to the examination process.

  1. Qualifications to take a SAFe Exam

    To qualify to take an Exam, a Candidate must attend and complete the related course, and may be required to possess certain skills and achieve specific accomplishments as described on the certification webpages.

  2. Compliance with Candidate Agreement

    This Policy and the Candidate Agreement (“Candidate Agreement”) establish the terms and conditions that govern all SAFe Certification Exams (each an “Exam”). To initiate an Exam, a Candidate must accept the terms of the Candidate Agreement, pay any applicable fee, represent that all registration information is accurate, and that s/he is the person registered to take the Exam and is qualified to do so. Every Candidate must abide by the Candidate Agreement before, during, and after the Exam process. A Candidate’s violation of the Candidate Agreement could result in the loss of his or her SAI certifications, suspension or termination from the Professional Certification Program and SAFe Community Platform, and may incur other legal consequences.

  3. Testing Accommodations

    SAI is committed to providing reasonable, fair, and appropriate access to testing for all individuals. It is our policy to offer reasonable testing accommodations for individuals with disabilities based upon these established standards:

    • In the United States, we follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommendations.
    • In other countries, according to applicable local law.
    • Our enterprise-grade testing platform includes accessibility features that support some language localization and conform to key WACG 2.1 standards, including:
    • Contrast and colors can adjust to accommodate those with low vision, difficulty with color distinction, and light or brightness sensitivity.
    • Scalable text allows users to easily re-size text for optimal reading conditions.
    • Better translation capabilities make it easier to take tests in your language.

    A request for special testing accommodations may be submitted to SAI using the Testing Accommodations Request form. A decision to grant a specific accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis. All related information will remain private in accordance with the SAI Privacy Policy.

  4. SAFe Exam Details

    Passing an Exam is required to achieve a SAFe certification credential. The details unique to each Exam are set forth on the certification webpages.

  5. Certification Term

    The term during which You may use your applicable Certification shall commence upon receiving notification from SAI that you have passed the Exam and shall continue for as long as your membership is active.

  6. Program Changes

    SAI may, in its sole discretion, change its Professional Certification Program without notice. Such changes will be posted on the SAI website at and may include, without limitation, adding or deleting available Certification(s) and modifying certification requirements, test objectives, outlines and Exams, including how and when Exam scores are issued.

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