Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct describes the professional behavior and ethical standards that Scaled Agile, Inc. (“SAI”) expects of all SAFe® members and Partners (“SAFe Associates”).

Commitment to SAFe

SAFe Associates must commit to integrity and quality in their SAFe delivery, engage ethically in their business relationships with SAI and their SAFe clients, and protect SAI intellectual property.

SAFe Service Delivery

SAFe Associates who teach or consult must deliver a high quality learning experience and will therefore:

  • Accept the responsibility inherent in teaching and practicing SAFe.
  • Lead with integrity and enthusiasm, emphasize teamwork, and inspire curiosity.
  • Help each learner realize their learning potential.
  • Establish mutual respect and trust with every SAFe learner and client.
  • Engage equally and without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or other protected class.
  • Establish an environment conducive to learning.
  • Preserve the integrity of the learning and examination process.
  • Collaborate with clients to provide the best possible SAFe solution for their needs.

Records and Pricing

SAFe Associates will:

  • Provide complete and accurate accounting and course roster information to SAI.
  • Remain apprised of current SAFe course pricing guidelines and, where applicable, adhere to local pricing policies.
  • Promptly refund registration fees for cancelled courses or SAFe engagements.

Delivery of Training

SAFe Associates will follow all SAI training delivery guidelines, including but not limited to recommended class size and remote training, e.g.,,


SAFe Associates must conduct themselves ethically in their SAFe practice and will therefore:

  • Be transparent, honest, and act with integrity in their business relationships with SAI and their SAFe clients.
  • Be accountable and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Ensure that their representations about SAFe in any forum are professional, accurate, and not misleading.

Fair Dealing

SAFe Associates must conduct business legally and fairly and will therefore:

  • Comply with all laws applicable to their SAFe delivery and practice, including data privacy regulations, and refrain from involvement in unethical or improper acts related to such delivery and practice.
  • Comply with all applicable anti-bribery and money laundering laws, including but not limited to the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the U.S. Federal Procurement Integrity Act and the U.K. Bribery Act of 2010.
  • Comply with all applicable antitrust and competition laws and regulations.
  • Avoid any unfair or deceptive act or practice with SAI or their SAFe clients.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest that would interfere with any contractual responsibilities to SAI or their SAFe clients.

Intellectual Property

SAFe Associates must safeguard SAI intellectual property and will therefore:

  • Protect all SAI intellectual property with the same degree of care they would exercise for their own intellectual property, but in no event less than a reasonable degree of care.
  • Refrain from using any SAI trademarks, logos, domain names, email address, or other social media identifiers (“SAI marks”) or copyrighted SAI material except with SAI’s explicit written permission to do so.
  • Not register or seek to register any trademark, logo, domain name, email address, or other designation of source that incorporates SAI marks or is confusingly similar to SAI marks.
  • Retain all SAI copyright and trademark ownership markings in SAFe materials.

Violations and Accountability

If a SAFe Associate violates this Code of Conduct, SAI may terminate its business relationship with such SAFe Associate immediately in accordance with applicable laws and/or contractual provisions. SAFe Associates should promptly notify SAI of any potential or suspected violation of this Code of Conduct and any unethical or illegal situation related to the delivery or practice of SAFe of which it becomes aware.