LPM in Practice: Participatory Budgeting with SAFe CoFund Presented with Cprime

SAFe’s guidance on funding value streams effectively to support LPM.


November 9, 2023, 8:00 am – November 9, 2023, 8:30 am MST




Release Train Engineer, Product management, Agile Leaders, Portfolio Managers, Solution Management, VMOs

Event Overview

The LPM in Practice series returns with an exciting view of Portfolio prioritization and Participatory Budgeting in SAFe organizations. In today’s business climate, organizations are continuously seeking innovative approaches to improve their responsiveness, and overall business outcomes. Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) has emerged as SAFe’s key strategy for achieving these goals. However, traditional funding models pose a challenge to realizing the promise of LPM and SAFe. Participatory budgeting is a collaborative portfolio event for allocating the portfolio budget to its value streams, and it’s adoption is increasing SAFe portfolios.

This panel discussion explores the integration of Participatory Budgeting and SAFe’s new application, SAFe CoFund, to advance LPM and enable focus on the right portfolio investments to achieve the strategy. The panelists feature industry experts from Cprime who have successfully implemented the shift and were the early adopters of CoFund.


Neru Obhrai

Principal Consultant at Radtac, SAFe SPCT at Cprime, Inc.

Neru is a certified SPCT and experienced Transformation Coach, who has lead and delivered a range of large scale, complex business transformation programmes.
After 3 decades of delivery of business solutions in the airline sector, Neru has also led multiple transformation initiatives within the finance and telco sectors. As a principal consultant with Cprime, Neru takes pride in establishing high performance diverse departments to deliver quality solutions and services and championing the drive for excellence

Ken France

VP, Enterprise Agility Practice and SAFe Fellow at Cprime, Inc.

Ken France is an executive enterprise coach cultivating transformational organizations, a recognized and highly-rated trainer, and one of the first US minted SPCT and a SAFe Fellow. Ken France has worked with SAFe since its inception, contributing actively to the framework, including SAFe LSE/4.0. With 25+ years’ experience in Information Technology, Ken has successfully supported multiple Fortune 100 enterprises tackling large and complex scaled agile transformations across numerous verticals.

Isaac Montgomery

SAFe Fellow and SPCT at Cprime, Inc.

I’ve spent the past 25 years working with organizations across the spectrum of sizes and industries seeking to realize the promises of business agility – responsiveness, productivity, quality, predictability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. By helping leaders understand how their operating model and leadership practices drive the culture and performance of the organization, we’ve been able to realize lasting change and measurable improvements. Through these experiences I’ve become recognized as a thought leader in the areas of lean portfolio management (LPM), agile product management (APM), and organizational change management (OCM). While I regularly speak and teach at conferences around the world, and am a contributor to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), my passion remains working in the field, helping organizations achieve sustainable competitive advantage and business agility.

Deema Dajani

SAFe Fellow and Product Manager at Scaled Agile, Inc.

A SAFe Fellow, Deema helps large institutions create the environment to shape disruption like a startup with business agility and Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). Deema currently serves as a Scaled Agile Product Management Director focused on enabling sustainable SAFe transformations at scale. Co-founder of Women in Agile, a non-profit organization focused on breaking barriers and inclusivity in the agile community.