piplanning.io is the enterprise application SAFe® teams use to facilitate PI Planning. Real-time synchronized boards, clear visualization of cross-ART dependencies, and intuitive filters ensure team engagement and focus.

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One solution for all your PI planning and execution needs

Dependency management

Provide transparency across teams and multiple ARTs with integrated ART and Solution Planning Boards. Empower STEs, RTEs, and Agile Teams to create well-aligned plans that focus on delivering value.

Planning meets execution

Track progress and manage dependencies in the environment where they’ve been planned. Thanks to real-time, bi-directional sync, you don’t have to return to your ALM tool.

Context-aware mirroring

Replicate any original sticky in a different context across boards and organization levels. Effortlessly maintain consistency across boards.

Enterprise-trusted application

piplanning.io has been used by STEs and RTEs at some of the largest Lean-Agile organizations in the world.

The difference is PI planning and execution in one

Simplify your PI planning and execution with a single source application. Reduce complexity, increase transparency, and improve alignment, especially in distributed environments.

Manage dependencies in real-time

With quick filters and dependency strings, you can quickly visualize cross-team and cross-ART dependencies

Increase transparency

Mirroring instantly shares stickies across teams and ARTs in various contexts on different boards

Customize your organization’s view

Define structure, set up teams, minimize working agreements, and more in the RTE Cockpit

Keep everyone on the same page

Experience the benefits of in-person collaboration, virtually, with real-time and bi-directional synced boards

Strike the right balance

Easily see capacity vs. load and new feature vs. technical debt to determine necessary adjustments

Clearly articulate ideas

Choose when to activate or deactivate pointers to keep focus and minimize distraction

Automatically handle dependencies

When a dependency is detected, instantly send a dependency sticky to another team board

Empower teams in breakouts

Everything teams need, including PI Objectives and Risks, fits on the team board

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