Agile Marketing Panel – Part One – Adopting SAFe for Business Agility

Safe Business Agility

From their origins in information technology and software development, Agile practices are expanding to business teams, including marketing. But making that happen requires a different mindset and tactics. In this first of two episodes, our host Tim Shisler speaks with three Agile marketing experts to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between business agility transformations in technology and in marketing.

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Tune in to hear the group discuss topics like: 

  • Why language and vocabulary are important
  • Why product marketing is a good place to start introducing Agile
  • How to get buy-in from senior leaders
  • How to avoid creating an Agile marketing silo 

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Hosted by: Tim Shisler

Tim Shisler - Agile Marketing Panel,

Tim Shisler is the director of media production at Scaled Agile, and an experienced documentary filmmaker, journalist, coach, and speaker. Tim’s deep understanding of story elements and structure, and his strong business acumen, make him a rare breed of storyteller. One who knows how to motivate audiences while staying within the confines of strategic business initiatives.

Guest: Jim Ewel

Jim Ewel - Agile Marketing Panel,

Jim is one of the authors of the Agile Marketing manifesto and has guided over 60 organizations through the process of adopting Agile in marketing. He’s also the author of The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing, Proven Practices for More Effective Marketing and Better Business Results.

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Guest: Cameron Van Orman

Cameron Van Orman - Agile Marketing Panel,

Cameron is executive vice president, chief marketing officer, responsible for all aspects of Planview’s global marketing, digital demand generation, and customer marketing. Cameron has more than 20 years of enterprise leadership experience driving transformational change, business agility, and market growth.

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Guest: Melissa Reeve

Melissa Reeve - Agile Marketing Panel,

Melissa Reeve is the Vice President of Marketing at Scaled Agile, Inc. In this role, Melissa guides the marketing team, helping people better understand Scaled Agile, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its mission.