Intel & business agility using data, Value Stream Optimization with DevOps, Systems Architects and the ART

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Learn how Intel is achieving business agility by streamlining data, as well as implementing Agile and DevOps. Hear how optimizing value streams helped an organization and answer questions about incorporating DevOps into a SAFe transformation.

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SAFe in the News

Scaling Agile, adopting AI: How Intel is making IT a strategic part of the business

By Stephanie Condon and published on ZDNet

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SAFe in the Trenches

Hear Marc Rix share an experience from the field where you worked with an organization on Value stream optimization and how that impacted their DevOps initiative.

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Audio CoP

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The two questions we answer in this episode are:

  • How do you adopt DevOps in SAFe? Do you form a separate team or incorporate into Agile teams?
  • What is a DevOps engineer?

Hosted by: Melissa Reeve

Melissa Reeve is the Vice President of Marketing at Scaled Agile

Melissa Reeve is the Vice President of Marketing at Scaled Agile, Inc. In this role, Melissa guides the marketing team, helping people better understand Scaled Agile, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its mission.