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If you’ve completed the Implementing SAFe® course, you’ve taken the first step toward becoming a Certified SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC). There’s a growing demand for Agile coaches and trainers, especially among Global 2000 enterprises. So the value of an SPC certification is greater now than ever before.

Haven’t completed the Implementing SAFe course yet?

Why get SAFe Certified?

As an Agile coach and certified SPC, you can:

  • Lead SAFe classes upon validation
  • Network with and learn from other SPCs in an exclusive community of practice
  • Attend monthly webinars to advance your SAFe knowledge and earn professional development units (PDUs )
  • Access toolkits and resources that are essential for being an effective Agile coach and SAFe transformation leader

How to get your SPC certification

By completing the Implementing SAFe® course, you get access to the SAFe® Studio. There, you’ll find all the study materials and the SPC certification exam itself. Visit the Get Certified page for answers to common questions about exams and certification.

I’m a SAFe Practice Consultant! Now what?

Join SAFe Studio! As an Agile coach and certified SAFe professional, it’s your go-to resource for all things SAFe. Build your SPC knowledge, expand your network, manage your Agile SAFe certification(s), and so much more.

SAFe Studio members enjoy exclusive access to essential training, Agile SAFe certification, and Agile coaching resources, including:

  • Performance toolkits for successful SAFe transformations and implementations
  • Enablement videos explaining how to use performance toolkits and teach SAFe courses
  • Professional development videos to enhance your skills as an Agile coach and trainer
  • Communities of practice where you can connect with other SAFe Studio members 

Watch this video for a tour of the SAFe Studio, and learn how to access these valuable Agile coaching resources. 

Training Others

Accelerate your SAFe adoption and demonstrate your value as an Agile coach by training others. A certified SPC in good standing can teach more than a dozen different courses if validated. SPCs can also coach and co-train Implementing SAFe® classes with co-trainer approval. If you decide to continue your learning journey and become a certified SPCT or iSPCT, you can train other SPCs. 

Visit the SAFe Experts Program page to learn more about the options available to you on your journey as a SAFe certified Agile coach.

Read more about our policy for training classes virtually.

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After you’ve completed your SAFe course, validate your skills and advance your career by becoming a certified SAFe professional.

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Connect with more than 1,000,000 professionals in 20,000 organizations worldwide and get access to exclusive resources, advice, and tools.

Philips is continuously driving to develop high-quality software in a predictable, fast and Agile way. SAFe addresses this primary goal, as well as offering these further benefits: reduced time to market and improved quality, stronger alignment across geographically distributed multi-disciplinary teams, and collaboration across teams to deliver meaningful value to customers with reduced cycle time.