SAFe® Practice Consultant-T (SPCT) Certification 

The SAFe® Practice Consultant-T (SPCT) certification is the highest level of certification provided by Scaled Agile. The SPCT program recognizes individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in adopting Agile across an enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®. SPCTs become the leading change agents in an organization’s Lean-Agile transformation and implementation. What’s more, SPCTs have a proven track record as expert trainers. They are the only ones authorized to train aspiring SAFe® Practice Consultants (SPCs).

SAFe® Practice Consultant-T (SPCT): SPCTs are among the most highly regarded SAFe® experts in the world. SPCTs are the most sought-after SAFe Trainers, SAFe Trusted Advisors, and SAFe Transformation Architects among enterprises seeking to improve their methods of working in pursuit of Business Agility.

Only Scaled Agile Gold Partners or Enterprises with a SAFe Learner Subscription of 500+ may nominate candidates for the SPCT Program. If you believe that you are qualified to be an SPCT, your employer must nominate you by emailing

General Experience and Education

  • Ten years of professional experience
  • Five years of Lean-Agile experience
  • Five years of product development/systems engineering and/or program product manager or product owner experience
  • Three months or more of full time employment with a Gold Partner

SAFe Experience

  • One year minimum as an SPC (early adopter of the latest version of SAFe preferred)
  • 80 days of SAFe training and consulting experience in the past 12 months with two or more organizations (experience with two latest versions of SAFe preferred)
  • Meets nomination field experience requirements and acceptance criteria

Strong Training Skills

  • Three years of training experience with high feedback scores

Strong Consulting Skills

  • Five years of consulting experience (three years at the leadership level)