Application of SAFe at American Express – Providing the World’s Best Customer Experience

Customer Interview: SAFe at American Express — What it Means to Keep the Trains on Track While Still Debating Value Streams


Director of Enterprise Agility Success, Oden Hughes sits down with Dean Leffingwell to talk about what it takes to manage and nurture a large-scale application of SAFe at a company like American Express focused on providing the world’s best customer experience. She’ll discuss the challenges of establishing alignment between organizations with conflicting views, and why they run their Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) as a cost center. She’ll share patterns of success, how they’ve created a tailored approach to agility for improved results, and why success depends on much more than courses, workbooks, and SAFe principles.

Presented at the Global SAFe Summit, October, 2020.

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