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Hi, we’re glad you found us. Now that you have, we thought we’d introduce you to what our new Scaled Agile blog is all about and what topics you can look forward to.

If you think you’re seeing double, you’re not. There’s another blog on scaledagileframework.com that’s full of great posts designed to enhance the guidance provided in the SAFe® knowledge base. Many are written by members of the Framework team‚ including SAFe’s creator Dean Leffingwell, and cover the more technical elements of the Framework.

But the world of SAFe has grown too big for just one news source, so we created the Scaled Agile blog to keep you up to date on other topics, including:

  • Success stories from businesses experiencing wins of all sizes
  • SAFe tips and tricks
  • Aha moments from customers, partners, instructors, and students
  • The latest videos from our awesome multimedia team
  • Anecdotes from Scaled Agile employees inside our headquarters and out in the wild
  • How teams are using SAFe outside of software/product development
  • The latest announcements and early bird deals for SAFe events

You’ll get to read blog posts from our partners, folks in the field, scrum masters and product owners, customers, and our instructors, just to name a few. It’s through these voices that we hope to connect with you, inspire you, learn from you, and simply provide some great—and relevant—content on the topics you care about.

Interest piqued? Good! Consider subscribing and be the first to read the latest and greatest posts from Scaled Agile.

Speaking of new posts, check out “What in the World is SAFe?” by Emma Ropski, an editor on our Learning and Certification team.

Happy reading!

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