SAFe® CoFund

It’s Participatory Budgeting, simplified

A powerful application that lets you inform value stream funding collaboratively

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Gain the confidence to facilitate participatory budgeting and prioritize portfolio investments as a team.

Make better
investment decisions

Visualize the connections between important Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) elements, including value streams, strategic themes, and investment horizons.

Analyze voting in
real time

By connecting key LPM elements and real-time voting, leaders can better understand the true impact of their investment decisions across the full portfolio.

Cultivate collaboration
and inclusivity

Participatory budgeting enables collaboration between many stakeholders, which visualizes more diverse viewpoints when making investment decisions.

Why participatory budgeting?

  • Spark meaningful, insight-driven conversations at the portfolio level 
  • Encourage people to think holistically about funding across the entire organization vs. horizon
  • Revisit allocations and calibrate value stream funding for the best business outcomes

CoFund is participatory budgeting, simplified.

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Enterprise Level Security

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