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Are you a lifelong learner with deep knowledge of SAFe®? Are you already a SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC) who excels in training and coaching? Then consider becoming a SAFe® Practice Consultant-T (SPCT) or Internal SAFe® Practice Consultant-T (iSPCT.)
Become an SPCT

i/SPCTs demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience with implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® and they comprise some of the most experienced SAFe experts around the globe. They’re the leading change agents, trainers, and coaches in an organization’s transformation and they handle the most challenging SAFe implementations. i/SPCTs also have a proven track record as expert trainers and are the only ones authorized to train aspiring SAFe® Practice Consultants (SPCs)

The purpose of the i/SPCT program is to develop and lead a worldwide community of change agents focused on helping enterprises thrive with business agility. This is SAFe’s most selective and advanced certification, with advancement opportunities that can open doors and transform the way people work.

Steps to Become an SPCT

To begin the SPCT program, you must be an employee of a Scaled Agile Gold Partner or a customer with a SAFe Enterprise subscription of 500+ seats. Because the SPCT credential is held jointly between the sponsoring partner or enterprise and the SPC, the organization and candidate must be in alignment. SPCT candidates must be full-time employees of their organization.

More information

Learn more about the program’s candidate qualifications, requirements, and process by viewing the SPCT Program Handbook.

1. Become a Prospect.

To be considered for the SPCT program, you must first build alignment and assure shared understanding with your sponsoring business lead, and with your Scaled Agile Account Manager. Once these conversations have taken place, your SAI account manager will contact the SAFe Expert Programs team and you will be granted access to the SPCT Portal in SAFe Studio. From there, you will be prompted to submit your documented accomplishments as you achieve them. Remember, the SPCT program is highly competitive and discretionary. 

2. Have an interview.

After we’ve reviewed and accepted your nomination requirements, you’ll have two screening interviews with SPCT guides. Our team will assess your SAFe knowledge, consulting experience, and gravitas. We’ll use interview results and nomination packet artifacts to aid in the selection process. Remember, the SPCT program is highly competitive and discretionary. Each cycle we see far more applicants than the available invitations, so we encourage you to set expectations accordingly.

3. Attend Immersion Week

If you’re accepted, you’ll be invited to attend SPCT Immersion Week in Boulder, CO (currently, we hold four Immersion Weeks per year) where nominees showcase their knowledge, skills, and abilities to train and consult using SAFe. You’ll also learn how to teach an Implementing SAFe® class. Once a nominee has successfully completed Immersion Week, they become an official SPCT Candidate.

4. Complete Field Experience

After Immersion Week, you’ll need to complete additional certification requirements that include teaching SAFe classes, completing SAFe implementations, and finishing the required readings. During this time you will be assigned an SPCT guide to help deepen your SAFe knowledge and mentor you through the remainder of the journey. For most SPCT Candidates, this part of the journey takes between one and two years. 

5. Co-teach an Implementing SAFe® class.

Lastly, you’ll participate in a pairing test by co-teaching an Implementing SAFe® class with one of our guides. During this class, we’ll evaluate your presentation, training, and consulting skills. After you’ve completed all your requirements, the SAFe Expert Programs team will evaluate your course feedback, certification artifacts, and community participation to make a final determination of successful program completion.

Remember, the SPCT program is highly competitive and discretionary. At no point in the program is the SPCT credential guaranteed.

Qualifications to Become an SPCT

General Business and Professional Experience

  • Ten years of professional experience
  • Five years of Lean-Agile experience
  • Five years of product development/systems engineering and/or program product manager or product owner experience
  • Three months or more of full-time employment with a Gold Partner

SAFe Experience

  • One year minimum as an SPC (early adopter of the latest version of SAFe preferred)
  • 80 days of SAFe training and consulting experience in the past 12 months with two or more organizations (experience with two latest versions of SAFe preferred)
  • Meets nomination field experience requirements and acceptance criteria

Training Skills

  • Three years of training experience with high feedback scores

Consulting Skills

  • Minimum of five years of consulting experience (three years at the leadership level)

More information

Learn more about the program’s candidate qualifications, requirements, and process by viewing the SPCT Program Handbook.

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