How to Contribute To The SAFe® Community

Share your expertise with the SAFe® community

Become a SAFe® Exam Developer

Are you a Scaled Agile Framework® practitioner and subject-matter expert? Contribute your SAFe knowledge by becoming a SAFe® Exam Developer. You’ll work with the Scaled Agile exam team to develop professional certification exams that meet rigorous testing-industry standards. As an Exam Developer, you’ll help write exam questions, provide technical reviews, and participate in scoring workshops.

Dozens of professionals choose to contribute to SAFe as global SAFe Exam Developers. Ideal candidates are those who hold one or more current certifications and possess deep subject matter expertise, knowledge of SAFe Principles, and great collaboration skills. Scaled Agile recognizes the contributions of SAFe Exam Developers with the SAFe Exam Developer digital badge.

Log into the SAFe Studio to learn more about becoming a SAFe Exam Developer.

Become a SAFe® In-country Reviewer

Are you a SAFe professional who speaks more than one language? Become a SAFe In-country Reviewer (ICR) to contribute your SAFe knowledge and share your native language proficiency. As the use of SAFe expands around the world, you’ll collaborate with the Scaled Agile globalization team to produce valuable, high-quality translations for glossaries and other SAFe-related assets. 

SAFe In-country Reviewers contribute to SAFe materials from their locations across the globe. ICR candidates must be a SAFe Certified SPC and possess Scaled Agile Framework expertise, great collaboration skills, translation experience, native fluency in a target language, and professional fluency in English. Scaled Agile recognizes our SAFe ICRs with the In-country Reviewer digital badge.

To learn more about becoming an ICR, including eligibility requirements and terms of participation, visit the ICR Frequently Asked Questions page at the SAFe Community Platform. 

Apply to become a Scaled Agile ICR by completing the translation participation survey. 

Write for Our Blog (SPCs, SPCTs, SAFe Fellows, and SAFe Partners)

If you’re a SAFe Fellow, SAFe Certified SPC, SPCT, or SAFe Partner, we invite you to contribute a guest post for our blog. Popular topics include stories from the field (SAFe in action), tips and tricks, thought leadership, and things you’ve learned on your SAFe journey.

Submissions need to be original content that’s not published elsewhere online. 

Share Your Knowledge in the Forums

The Forums at SAFe Studio are a great place for SAFe members and SAFe Enterprise subscribers to connect with other professionals. Join experienced coaches and trainers, scrum masters, RTEs, SPCs, those studying for SAFe certification exams. Contribute your knowledge or ask questions on topics like PI planning, Lean portfolio management, being a product owner, SAFe for Marketing, or SAFe Portugues.

We’re not currently seeking contributions to the Scaled Agile Framework. But you can learn more about the Framework’s current and past contributors, here