The Ultimate Workspace for SAFe® Enterprises

SAFe Collaborate provides the flexibility to design and plan as if you were in the same room.

Everything you need to run SAFe events

Get started with ready-to-use SAFe® templates or design your own.

Improve business agility by including everyone in ideation and decision-making events, no matter where they are.

Run real-time or asynchronous SAFe events such as

Customizable templates

Bring teams together quickly for SAFe ceremonies no matter where in the world they work.

Outcome-focused experience

Bring structure to your facilitation with table visualizations, dot voting, activity timers, and more.

Enterprise-level data security

Collaborate with the reassurance of robust data security and user capacity.

Part of the SAFe® ecosystem

Maintain your SAFe implementation with a collaborative tool that brings Agile teams together anywhere

Today’s Agile teams need the flexibility to collaborate as a group from anywhere. SAFe® Collaborate makes it possible for teams to work together remotely using interactive templates for planning, budgeting, retrospectives, and more. Facilitate successful team events across multiple locations and time zones with this dynamic digital tool.

Get started with ready-to-use SAFe Collaborate templates or create your own custom templates today with your SAFe membership.

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