Agile Marketing with SAFe®

A guide to implementing SAFe for marketing teams

The Scaled Agile Framework® has been successfully applied to a wide range of industries and helped thousands of companies transform the way they work. The Agile Marketing with SAFe® workshop was designed to guide the implementation of SAFe and Agile practices for marketing.

Agile Marketing with SAFe®

A guide to implementing SAFe for marketing teams

The Benefits of Agile at Scale for Marketing

Ineffective marketing campaigns cost organizations millions of dollars each year and often entail a lengthy production and approval process. Today’s marketing groups must deliver value faster and more efficiently, and many are turning to Agile for help.

According to the Fourth Annual State of Agile Marketing Report, 65 percent of marketers are adopting Agile to manage changing priorities, and 59 percent of marketing departments plan to adopt Agile within the next six months.

Agile Marketing with SAFe answers the questions:

Why do marketing organizations need Agile?

How do you structure an Agile marketing team?

How do you integrate marketing within the Agile Release Train (ART)?

How do you tailor Agile for a marketing context?

Attendees will learn how to: 

Organize a marketing team around value

Integrate marketing into an ART

Adopt a hypothesis-driven approach in marketing

Break down initiatives into smaller, testable parts

About This Workshop

Agile Marketing with SAFe® guides marketing teams how to apply SAFe practices using a combination of hands-on activities, reflection, and guided exercise.

The workshop normally takes two days to complete, but attendees can customize the work to fit their schedules. Agile Marketing with SAFe® is a non-public workshop that’s exclusively taught in private settings. There is no certification or exam associated with this workshop. A certificate of completion will be issued.

Who Teaches This Workshop? 

Agile Marketing with SAFe® may be taught by:

SAFe Partners in good standing

Enabled SPCs as part of a SAFe Enterprise subscription


Contact us or your Scaled Agile Partner for more information.