Leading in the Digital Age

The definitive program for Agile leaders

Faced with constant change and disruption, the world needs leaders who are supportive, collaborative, and highly responsive. The Leading in the Digital Age program equips today’s leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to support their Agile teams and manage change effectively.

Why Leadership Change is Critical to Success

Why Leadership Change is Critical to Success

McKinsey research found that transformations where “leaders model the change themselves” are four times more likely to succeed. Leadership buy-in can help increase the chances of a successful transformation from 30 to 75 percent. 

Without the active involvement of leaders, a large-scale Agile transformation is far less likely to succeed. Leaders must invest in their own change journey and proactively work to shift old mindsets and habits before they can help others do the same.

This program answers the questions: 

What does it mean to be a Lean-Agile leader?

How can I support my teams effectively?

How does my leadership style need to change?

Attendees will learn how to: 

Drive Agile transformation at a large company

Promote a continuous learning environment

Build a trust-based environment through authentic leadership

Inspire a generative culture by leading with emotional competence

Overcome barriers to successful transformation

About This Program

The first two modules in the Leading in the Digital Age program, combine self-paced learning with instructor-led sessions. Each module takes four to five weeks to complete and can be taken in any order.

  1. Leading by Example: This module takes a deep dive into the four critical behaviors essential for leading in the digital age: insatiable learning, authenticity, emotional competence, and courage. 
  1. Accelerating Change Leadership: This module, built with Kotter International, introduces attendees to best practices for accelerating change. Enable your enterprise to focus on Dr. John Kotter’s four critical change leadership principles and eight key accelerators. 

Who Teaches This Program? 

The Leading in the Digital Age program may be taught by: 

Select SAFe® partners 

Enabled SPCs as part of a SAFe Enterprise subscription

Contact us or your Scaled Agile Partner for more information. 

Who Should Take This Program?

The Leading in the Digital Agile program is only available to SAFe Enterprise clients. The program relies on significant partner input and is personalized to each attendee. It’s designed for mid-level leaders in organizations practicing SAFe.

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