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When you think of the name “Enterprise,” what comes to mind? Space shuttles? Aircraft carriers? If you’re like me, you might think about Star Trek. From the OG Bill Shatner through Chris Pine’s nuevo-style Kirk, the debates about who embodies the future’s proper swagger could be endless. But the adventure, the collaboration, and the problem-solving are universal. The Enterprise gets it done. 

Here in the virtual halls of Scaled Agile, we’ve figured out the best way to ensure a successful and sustained SAFe transformation—and it has the “Enterprise” name on it as well.

Since we launched SAFe® Enterprise at the Global SAFe® Summit user conference in October 2020, there’s been a lot of buzz in the Community forums: “What’s this hype around SAFe Enterprise?” So, let’s break down some of the common questions I get about SAFe Enterprise

Is SAFe Enterprise Something Entirely New? 

To use a long and complex word: No. But what is new is that we took our world-class SAFe training and added what companies need to have a successful SAFe transformation. Don’t worry, SAFe Enterprise builds on everything SAFe is known for: A robust training curriculum to empower and enable teams to move toward business agility. An industry-recognized certification program to demonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of SAFe concepts. A giant, 800,000+ (and growing daily) community of SAFe-trained professionals who are helping organizations achieve great outcomes. But with SAFe Enterprise, training is just the beginning. 

So is SAFe Enterprise Just a Way to Get Unlimited Training? 

SAFe Enterprise is the best solution for organizations to learn, adopt, practice, and sustain SAFe. Building on the proven foundation of classroom training, This provides the tools and resources organizations need to extend that learning beyond the classroom and empower teams to bring the knowledge they learn in class back to their day-to-day work. (I’ll dig into some of these fantastic capabilities in future blog posts.)

Most importantly, the system is purpose-built for SAFe. Collaborate together as a team, improve your own skills, or connect and learn from others in the community. This is the definitive one-stop package for the entire organization to learn, implement, and sustain business agility.

Is There Any Difference Between Certified SAFe Membership and SAFe Enterprise? 

Absolutely. SAFe Enterprise is not for individuals, or even for your team. It’s for your entire organization, with tools to help manage access for all members within the account. Certified SAFe members have individual access to the SAFe® Community Platform and tools to help them with their day-to-day job. But SAFe Enterprise is a solution built for the entire organization, so teams across the organization can simultaneously build on the benefits of SAFe day-to-day.

We Love Our Scaled Agile Partners. How Does SAFe Enterprise Help Our Partners Train and Coach? 

Partners are essential for successful SAFe transformations: they’re trusted teachers, guides, and coaches that help organizations move from where they’ve been to where they’re going. SAFe Enterprise enables your trusted partner to do two big things. First, it removes individual budget barriers to training by including unlimited licensing and certification renewals for the majority of roles within the organization. Second, it provides instant, organization-wide access to e-learning, helpful videos, and tools that Scaled Agile Partner coaches and consultants can help teams use from day one. In addition, SAFe Platform partners provide enterprise-grade solutions for ALM and project management software that work seamlessly alongside SAFe Enterprise. 

So, this is our Enterprise—SAFe Enterprise: helping organizations across the globe be better at what they do, every day. 

If you think this might be right for your organization, contact your Scaled Agile Partner or get in touch with us directly and we can help you get started.

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