Chris James

Chief Executive Officer

Chris James is the Chief Executive Officer of Scaled Agile, Inc., where he helps the company realize its mission of enabling global enterprises to achieve and sustain business agility with ease. He has helped to grow SAFe® into the world’s most widely used and recognized framework for business agility, with 1,000,000 trained professionals from more than 20,000 global enterprises all over the world.

Prior to Scaled Agile, Chris was VP of Customer Success for Rally Software (now Rally Software – Broadcom), where he drove rapid growth of Rally’s transformation consulting services, Agile University, Customer Success programs, and partner and technical services that established Rally as a leading provider of agile program solutions.

Previously, as Vice President at Oracle University, Chris led the successful integration of Sun Learning Services following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. It was there that he built his skills in analysis of workforce development and training needs related to major change programs and system integration projects. His earlier role at Sun Microsystems was Senior Director and Chief Learning Officer for Americas, and later Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Chris received his undergraduate degree from Bristol University in the UK and his Computer Science degree from the UK’s Open University.

Originally from the UK, Chris is now based in Boulder, Colorado. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and a Fellow of the UK Royal Society of Arts.