SAFe® is the system you can trust to become Agile at scale.

An executive introduction to SAFe, the world’s leading system for business agility.

“Looking at today’s challenges, we chose the Scaled Agile Framework to drive Lean and Agile transformation into our working environment.”

It’s Time to Work Differently

Successful leaders know that staying one step ahead of the competition is vital. But true agility, customer-centricity, and value delivery can get diluted as enterprises grow and experience disruption.

As the trend toward digital transformation and workforce optimization continues, it’s apparent that companies will need to work differently to thrive.

SAFe® for Executives. It's Time to Work Differently.

What if you never saw digital disruption as a risk again?

SAFe is your way to embrace disruption without missing opportunities. It’s your way to align vision, funding, and teams to deliver real value to customers.

What Can SAFe Do For You?

SAFe unlocks the benefits of Agile principles for organizations of any size. With SAFe, Agile practices can reach beyond IT and software development to teams across an enterprise without losing the spirit of innovation, adaptability, and value creation that businesses need to thrive in a time of digital disruption. 

SAFe gives you the guidance, platform, tools, and training needed to start and lead change, from strategic planning to financial governance and operations management. Start reimagining the way individuals and teams work together by uniting them under a shared vision, system, and language.

SAFe guides your transformation journey with a system that includes:

Proven tools for enterprise evaluation

Strategic organization around value through lean portfolios

Methodology to keep helpful structural hierarchy while enabling faster decision making and empowered teams

Training and tools to foster Agile growth, practice, and maturity

Support through a network of experienced and trusted transformation partners

“SAFe really helped us collaborate across different groups and since everyone uses SAFe, we’re all speaking the same language.”

The Benefits of SAFe Are Clear

Enterprises that use SAFe over a sustained period consistently report significant improvement in key metrics like employee satisfaction, productivity, speed, and quality. Success stories from companies like Chevron, Nokia, and Air France show how the benefits of SAFe grow over time. The result is true enterprise business agility as a crucial competitive advantage.

Over one million people in 20,000 companies have used SAFe to transform the way they work.

How SAFe Benefits:

Faster, better response to change 
Positions your business to adapt to market & customer needs

Organizational alignment
Gives everyone a common language and strategy

Customer-centric culture
Creates a culture where customer’s needs and value delivery come first

How SAFe Benefits:

A meaningful career
Provides a more fulfilling work experience by aligning efforts with real-world benefit

Incentivized collaboration
Empowers employees to work across siloed teams and develop new skills

More value, less busywork 
Connects everyday activities to business and customer value

How SAFe Benefits:

Stronger crisis support 
Equips you to support customers when they experience disruption

Understand and meet customer needs
Allows you to be more in sync with your customer’s needs as they evolve

True partnership
Enables you to be a partner – internally and externally – with shared goals and understanding

With SAFe we now have a clearer picture of the workload and our capacity for our teams. The teams interact more than ever and work together to define risk and dependencies, building the relationships with one another to help the system as a whole.”

Enterprises That Succeed with SAFe Do These 5 Things Well

By helping thousands of companies work differently and embrace SAFe principles, we’ve identified five important behaviors that are common among successful enterprises. SAFe provides a system and the resources needed to cultivate each successful behavior.

Commit to

• Secure key leadership inclusion and buy-in from the start

• Develop a measurable, immediate change adoption plan

“The Why”

• Get every member of the company to understand and embrace “The Why”

• Develop a communication plan for reinforcing your “Why”


• Establish small, empowered cross-functional teams

• Provide coaching and training to foster the right skills across the right teams

“The Pulse”

• Relentlessly focus on customer experience

• Make decisions and adjust based on customer feedback


• Provide clear, visible accountability for program and team performance

• Align metrics and incentives to customer value

The Executive Role:
It Starts With You

What’s the best way to adopt SAFe? We’ve found that each company moves at its own time and pace. You can get started with SAFe quickly or as part of a long-term change. Training can begin right away and pilot teams are often ready to launch in just 1 or 2 months. SAFe provides a flexible system that can be applied at your pace.

However you undertake enterprise agility transformation, it will require executive involvement and commitment to change.

As an executive, your sponsorship for the long haul is critical.

What the Experts at Gartner Are Saying 

Gartner Research found that implementing SAFe can deliver “significant, measurable business value in complex initiatives.”

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